Landtech is setting the standard for Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM)

At Landtech, our commitment to excellence to every new landscape we install or an existing property we maintain is very important to us.  Therefore we are so excited to support and participate in ALCC’s Sustainable Landscape Management (SLM) initiative.  This program is setting the standard for landscape maintenance in Colorado, and we are excited that out Landtech team members are getting SLM certified.

Why SLM Certification? – Landtech is committed to apply practices which strive to preserve limited and valuable natural resources such as water and promote longevity and natural maturity of plant materials. We also want to reduce waste generation and efficiently use chemicals, equipment, and crew time.

What is our overall goal of SLM? – To apply the right maintenance practices at the appropriate time.  Landtech subscribes to sustainable practices that will promote landscapes which thrive in our environment and display their best attributes through their flowers, shapes, textures and be able to complement each other in attractive compositions without shearing and shaping plants into geometric or structured shapes.

Landtech recommends a more proactive or preventive approach to landscape maintenance. This involves recognizing and testing for various soil conditions, insect damage, proper care and maintenance of turf, irrigation system management, repairs, and updates.  Other areas target correcting erosion, water run-off, and pesticide and herbicide applications.  The combination of a good sustainable landscape design with proper landscape and water management can create more aesthetic pleasing surroundings and higher quality communities.

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