Irrigation Services

Irrigation Services

We handle large-scale design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation landscaping for sports fields, pump stations, central control systems, corporate campuses, apartment complexes and rooftops.  

Smart & Central Controllers – Irrigation Technology

Our advanced technology allows you to control your property’s irrigation from your phone or computer. These smart controllers and flow sensors allow you to manage evaporation, transpiration rates, flow, water schedules, water usage, and monitor malfunctions by zone.


Weather Stations & Rain Sensors – Irrigation Technology

Weather stations monitor the micro-climates of your property to maximize water efficiency and alert you to any issues that need attention. Rain sensors shut off irrigation so you’re not over watering when it’s raining or too cold. These sensors automatically turn back on as the landscaping dries out and temperatures warm. Landtech understands the importance of winterizing your irrigation systems. From Colorado Springs to Denver to Fort Collins, we will ensure proper care of your irrigation systems year round.


Sub-Surface Irrigation

Minimize evaporation with water distribution below the soil that irrigates plant roots. This is for watering during the day and effective for sod, ornamental flower beds, perennials, and shrubs.

Two-Wire Irrigation

Minimize the cost of installation on larger projects with two-wire irrigation. This uses less copper but allows signals to go to valves efficiently. Two-wire irrigation is a great choice for commercial, industrial, and municipal properties because it is flexible and allows for expansion.

Nozzle & Heads Selection

We choose the right tool for the job. We use the correct sprinkler heads, rotors, and nozzles to maximize efficiency so that the minimum amount of water necessary is used to keep your landscape green and thriving. Using incorrect heads creates inefficiencies and wastes water which can result in fines and higher water costs. We make sure that the heads and nozzles are the right choice for the job.

Full-Service Irrigation

Landtech can build and design efficient, large-scale water systems, irrigation systems, and major landscape water features that will bring cost savings and reduce excessive water use. Our team can design, build and maintain your irrigation systems. Contact us to discuss your irrigation landscaping and irrigation maintenance needs.