Landtech Contractors, Inc. – Celebrating 25 Years!

1987 – Landtech began in Pitkin County. Fresh and full of excitement, we serviced areas that included Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood.

1989 – We opened offices in Aurora, Colorado, expanding our service coverage to the Denver area.

1990 – Landtech expanded to include snow operations, and opened our maintenance division.

1994 – Landtech incorporated, achieving Colorado S-corporation status.

1995 – Realizing that we loved what we were doing and wanted to be industry leaders, we hired expert industry management personnel to help us grow.

1996 – Landtech expanded again, opening our Colorado Springs branch. This branch services Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Southern Colorado.

1997 – We added new estimating software and increased our Accounting department staff. Landtech initiated new electronic GPS systems, greatly increasing our accuracy and demonstrating innovative procedures.

1999 – Landtech opened our third branch in Longmont, Colorado. We were very pleased to begin closing service area gaps!

2001 – We began planning our state-of-the-art facility in Aurora.

2002 – After a year of planning, we broke ground at the Aurora facility.

2003 – We moved into our new state-of-the-art facility!

2004 – Saw our successful licensing in Utah and Nevada; designed and constructed a new facility in Colorado Springs.

2005 – We accomplished our long-time goal of serving the entire Front Range when we expanded operations further north of Longmont to Fort Collins. Landtech is thrilled to offer top-notch service to such a large area.

2006 – Our snow removal services expanded again, growing to service the whole Front Range.

2007/2008- Landtech grew again, expanding operations into Wyoming.

2010 – Landtech initiated new electronic systems, Project Management; upgraded to the most current technologies, including smart phones and connecting with our customers via social media.

2012 – We celebrated our 25th Anniversary! Landtech refreshes their brand identity after 25 years.