Landtech has been a leader in commercial landscape construction for Colorado since 1987. We’ve had the pleasure of serving the Metro Denver area, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins, Longmont and the entire Front Range. In that time, we’ve completed a wide range of commercial landscape installations and commercial landscaping services for retail centers to schools to business parks, roadway medians, athletic fields, and public and private rooftops.

Our dedicated team of Project Managers, Estimators, Supervisors and Foreman take pride in the work they do. They are flexible to meet client needs and deadlines, and deliver professional, quality work. Our customers contact us for our landscape construction capabilities that include landscaping, irrigation, reclamation, and design and build. Landtech has maintained partnerships for over 20 years with the most respected commercial builders in Colorado, like Saunders Construction and Adolfson and Peterson Construction. These long relationships attest to our dedication and ability to work with our clients as true partners. As members of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado, we are always looking to stay ahead with innovative commercial landscaping designs, municipal landscaping and Colorado landscape architecture.


We understand the attention to detail required when landscaping your property. We take engineering and cost considerations into our approach when soil prepping, grading, planting trees and shrubs, and adding sod, mulch, or rock to your property.


We handle large-scale design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation landscaping for sports fields, pump stations, central control systems, corporate campuses, apartment complexes and rooftops.


We provide services such as seeding, erosion control, and storm water management to reclaim protected areas. These services are needed when restoring delicate land preservation sites. We have experience working in fragile wetland areas as well as restoration of areas where new construction has occurred. Our technical knowledge and skilled staff can help revive damaged areas and promote sustainability for the long term.


Often times renovation of buildings, sites, and properties means destroying existing landscape. During that process, the Landtech Renovation Division can help create modern landscape designs to fit the new space or take the opportunity to refresh your existing landscape. We also identify new materials, systems and vegetation to enhance the area. This includes modernizing your irrigation system and landscaping to incorporate more water efficiency. All of our renovation services take into account existing design, so that when you need a renovation to look seamless with other elements, we can provide a cohesive look to the entire project.

Full Service

With two decades of experience, Landtech has a reputation for quality service throughout northern and southern Colorado. We will help meet your budget and goals, and we ensure success with a 1-year warranty. Whether you are a general contractor, architect, land developer or home builder, we can help you meet your goals to beautify, restore and increase property value. Call us or contact us here to discuss your landscape construction needs.

Design & Build

We design and build both landscaping and irrigation systems. We use our decades of experience to design the most efficient, functional, and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. We understand the best landscape design techniques and practices to use and integrate this knowledge to your advantage. We take into account how the land will be used, the traffic and flow of people, the irrigation system, your budget and many other factors to determine the best landscape design.